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Ch. Lairdoglen Run Lola Run

How she got her name...

Lola was bred by Laura Weber and the late Breeder/Judge Annie Boucher of Roblyn Kennels. Her Sire is Robby, Ch. Lairdoglen Rob Roy and her Dam is Gypsy, Ch. Cragsmoor Good As You Like. This was a very special litter as it was the last litter that our mentor Annie was involved with.

From a very early age, it was apparent to me that Lola's front assembly was something I felt we should hold on too. Not only was it her lay back of shoulder, and correct length of upper arm that impressed me, but it was the ease of movement that she had and her desire for speed.

While exhibiting Lola to the late Anne Rogers Clark in the Spring of 2005, Mrs. Clark pulled me aside in the ring and asked me who this charming little girl was. She commented that the front construction on my little girl, which is hard to achieve in this breed, was well worth adding her to a breeding program. This was, and continues to be, a VERY special and cherished moment in my time in dogs.

Lola was a very f-a-s-t puppy, always running and flying through the air. It was difficult for me to follow the rules of limiting a Skye puppies movement and rough play while they are still growing. I finally gave up as I realized that if she could RUN like this, she wasn't going to have any problems. So that is how she got her name. She ran and ran, and continues to run, being the fastest Skye I have ever laid my eyes on. Her name is based on the great German film Run Lola Run, where the main character must Run and Re-Run the city streets in an effort to reverse time.

Lola finished quickly with Four Major Wins. Her second two Major Wins came from the 2006 Skye Terrier Club of America's Supported Entry shows held during the Lake Minnetonka KC weekend where she won back-to-back Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex awards.

In August of the previous year, Lola was awarded Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and Best Puppy in Regular Classes at the Roving National Skye Terrier Club of America's show held in Greeley, Colorado. Thank's go out to the Columbine Skye Terrier Club for their wonderful efforts at making this show so enjoyable to all who traveled such great distances!

Lola is a funny Skye, full of love and incredible expression She is sassy and saucy, and sometimes quite full of herself. We are hoping that her tendencies of being an extraordinary Neat-Knick will serve her well in the whelping box.

Heart Tested, Normal--12/06
Cerf Tested, Normal--03/07
OFA Patella, Normal--03/07 

Lola's OFA Results

Run Lola Run

The Expression
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Ready for Take-Off
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Run Lola Run
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