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Gallondean Moonshine

I really wanted to call him Melvin...

But, I was over-ruled by the consortium. In Gaelic, I believe Dougal translates to 'dark stranger' and although he is far from mysterious, our new little boy is dark and handsome.

Dougal came to us from Scotland and breeder/judge Moira Barrass of Gallodean Kennels. Our friend Mickey Koss traveled to the shows on the Isle of Skye in October of 2006 to retrieve him for us...thanks Mickey!

Dougal is owned by the trifecta consortium, Zella-Webe-Deg, which consists of Priscilla Zeller, Laura Weber and me. He is a very outgoing dog who considers the world to be his and has never questioned it. Although he traveled a great distance with multiple situations, the minute he arrived home he knew that this was his place.

Eager to please, and very independent, this long and low fellow makes for a happy addition to our clan of Skyes. Dougal is just 6 months old, and will be attending his first shows at the end of March, 2006.


Dougal attended the St. Croix Kennel Clubs AKC Sanctioned B

Dougal wins his first points at the Key City Kennel Club in St. Peter, MN under Judge, Elaine Mathis.


Dougal has grown up a bit...his new pictures show him at 15 months. The new photos were taken by Laurie Erickson Photography. (ljephotos@gmail.com)


Dougal, Bred by Moira Barrass, wins his first Major at the Land O'Lakes Kennel Club shows in St. Paul, Minnesota, under Judge, Mr. Richard Bauer.

Laurie Erickson Photography

Visit Mickey's site here.

Laurie Erickson Photography

Laurie Erickson Photography

I've got them on the run.
Click on image for larger photo

It's mine, all mine!
Click on image for larger photo

It's all about me!
Click on image for larger photo

What was that?
Click on image for larger photo

Someone is approaching!
Click on image for larger photo

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