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Annie Boucher

Ann Lorraine Boucher

December 25, 1927 -- January 16, 2005

Ann Thompson was born on Christmas Day in 1927. What a gift! She grew up in the Minneapolis, MN area where she graduated from Minnehaha Academy and then went on to Northwestern College in Chicago.

She had many interests, including two daughters, and a busy working career. Trained as an audiologist, she had worked for a hearing aid company. Annie's flair for fashion led her into retail sales and eventually she came the Millinery Buyer for Dayton's and Donaldson's department stores. In her later years, she sold Real Estate and worked for a local Title Company.

Annie met Bob Boucher in 1957, and they were married just a year later. In the early 60's Bob brought home a little Skye puppy, Little Luv of Kennilworth (Ch. Talisker's Bonnie Angus ex Ch. Talisker's Fairy Charm) from William Clarkson, and the rest is wonderful history!

As her interest in dogs grew, she eventually became a breeder under the name Roblyn, a dog show judge, and an authority on Skye Terriers. She led many others into Skyes Terriers and worked tirelessly for the Skye Terrier Club of America, serving as president for three terms.

When her health began a downward spiral, Annie, through it all remained positive and hopeful. She always spoke about what things she was going to accomplish next. It was no surprise that she considering getting a new Skye puppy shortly before she passed.

Annie was a tremendous friend, mentor and teacher. I was lucky to have known her and sorry we didn't have more time together.

She was there with me when I made my first decisions about Skyes and with every achievement and with every disappointment. Her encouraging words, sound advice, and steadfast gumption to stand up for what she believes in has changed my world...and for this I am eternally grateful.

Montgomery County KC
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Annie and Solo
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Best in Show for Hottsy
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National Specialty
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