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Time keeps on slipping away...

We have been very busy here with 6 puppies who demand my attention at every waking moment! They are now keeping their crates clean overnight and while I am away. But no one is perfect. Their personalities are developing strongly and everyone is learning to potty on their leashes.

We have been busy scheduling departures and corresponding with new owners about all the special qualities that Skye Terriers have. What an exciting time!

Ruby, Rita, Ruthie and Mr. Blu will be leaving for their new homes soon and it comes with great sadness and joy on my part. Sad, because I will miss them dearly, but the joy includes knowing they have fabulously, amazing new homes with people that love the breed. Soon I will be down to just two furry critters, Al and Stan.

Here are a couple of videos that were taken in the past weeks of puppies continuing to learn and grow in their experiences.

Al keeps truckin'...

Ruby caught in a cat nap...

One of my puppy helpers...

Mr. Blu takes a stroll...

Ruthie goes a walkin'...

Stan is as the Staniel does...

Rita explains the new purpose...

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