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Puppies are moving to new homes...

No one really prepared me for how sad it is to place a puppy. While I am very happy with their new homes and their new people, it is still hard, and at times I miss them horribly.

Thankfully, I am getting numerous updates and pictures and words of progress and achievements...so this helps immensely! during the transitions.

Starling, Elsmoor Champagne Supernova, lives in Eau Claire and has started obedience classes, goes to work at the grooming shop and adores her older brother and sister, Cereal and Grahmn from Judy at Talakan. I saw Star last week while transporting a rescue for the Skye Terrier Foundation (http://www.skyeterrier.org) and of course...she has not forgotten me.

Ruby, Elsmoor My Heart Sings, then moved to Bethesda. She has a Skye brother named Alvie. The two are getting along very well and she continues to please her new owner with all the love that the Rubester can give. Here are a few pictures of Ruby:

Ruby, Alvie and Mom...
Rocking on the patio.

Ruby explains what the new pink...
item in the yard is.

Ruby demonstrates to Alvie...
what this new item is for.

Ruby at work...
with Mom in the office.

Rita (Margarita), Elsmoor Bayou Jubilee, has moved to Osprey, FL. She has a wonderful tropical home with exciting green spaces and tons of special experiences. She goes to work in a real estate environment most everyday and it's not too hard to fulfill my contract requirements of socialization activities in this new home!

Her new people have experience with Skyes and will offer her a great life...just like the other homes. Her new Daddy has a special way with this breed that cannot be communicated through words. It is a very wonderful thing. This is were she will spend long weekends on her new boat:


Here are a few pictures of Rita's new gig:

Margarita's new back yard.

Her new stream that leads too...
an un-Skye-sinkable pond.

New Mom is thrilled...
to have another Skye in her life.

New Dad...
plus a new life vest for the boat.

Margarita going on her first...
home inspection, with Jon and Dad.

Contact us at: julie@elsmoor.com.